What is Fan2Sea Comic Con Cruise all about?

Fan2Sea Comic Con Cruise is your greatest vacation idea as it combines your favorite pop culture matters with a cruising adventure. This cruise will take you to the waters and shores of Tampa, Key West, and Cozumel aboard the prestigious Royal Caribbean International ship aptly named “Brilliance of the Stars”. And since it is a comic con, there is a whole range of entertainment and surprises in store for you from your favorite comic con artists, producers, directors, and celebrities.

What events do you have lined up for the duration of the cruise?

Fan2Sea promises comic con fans the most exciting features for your delight and entertainment. We have cosplay events where you can dress up as your favorite comic book characters and superheroes. We have themed dinners where you can satisfy your appetite with the best menus our Royal Caribbean Chefs have to offer while deciding which theme or background from your favorite comic books or shows you want to participate in. You can also do a marathon of your favorite shows and movies while onboard. There will be a continuous airing of interviews and podcasts about the biggest and most interesting shows and books in the comic con industry. We also know how to party all night long as we invite the coolest DJs and bands to perform for our guests. Fan2Sea also conducts interesting and lively panel discussions and presentations where you can get to know more about your favorite comic con characters and superheroes. We have trivia tournaments and games. And of course, we also have meet and greet sessions, autograph sessions, and pictorials with your favorite artists and celebrities that define our comic con industry.

When will the Fan2Sea Comic Con Cruise be held?

This will be a four-day fun-filled experience and cruising adventure which will start on the afternoon of January 18, 2018, and return in the morning of January 22, 2018. Guests and participants are encouraged to be at the port early to avoid any delays and inconveniences.